A New Beginning!

ST 08202017

SOURCE: Cathy Hager

It was Welcome Home, Sunday at St. Timothy’s Danville, the beginning of the program year and of the ministry of The Rev. Todd Bryant as our rector. The sanctuary was filled to capacity with 287 people, by one count, and excitement was obvious.

Feast days like these have traditionally been the times when all three Sunday services are combined into one.  We look forward to feast day events to ‘be in community’ with each other.  Yes, we know how to party!

Often Feast Day services are followed by a BBQ or other celebration and today was no different. That feeling of being in community together demonstrates to us once again a powerful, visible display of our faith and in our sure knowledge that God loves us that He fills us with His Holy Spirit not just on these feast days but every day that we are doing His work in the vineyard we call home.

A Ministry Faire was held on the patio as part of an extended coffee hour opportunity for the new rector to meet many parish members for the first time and for the congregation to ‘feel the buzz’ of excitement at the first Sunday for the “new guy”!

The Ministry Faire also gives every member of the congregation an update on the many ministry programs going on at St. Timothy’s as you stroll from table to table on the patio.  Find something new to do this year is the familiar call of members recruiting other members to join us.

Welcoming newcomers is part of the St. Timothy’s tradition—but get someone involved in a ministry program, even once, and you realize the ‘secret sauce’ to incorporation and real membership.  In God’s vineyard we are always looking for more hands and happy hearts.

Todd will be glad to know that the report card on his first Sunday was all Thumbs-Up!   He was warm and personable balancing being new with being in charge. We could tell the congregation was happy as search committee and vestry members were told over and over and over—we REALLY like this guy!  Home Run!  God must REALLY love us!

Houston, we have lift off!

So as Rev Bryant and his family say goodbye to Texas and unpack the boxes to call Danville home, St. Timothy’s celebrates a new beginning for this ministry, an end to our time in the wilderness, and a thanksgiving for a search process that achieved its most important goals of renewing our baptismal vows in calling a new rector and learning once again how good it feels to be in community together again.  We did it together!

Thank you Todd Bryant—-Welcome Home!

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