The Holy Spirit @ Work for a New Rector


The search process for calling a Rector at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Danville, California is in the final stages. The Search Committee has completed the assessment of all applicants and the top three candidates have been submitted to the Vestry for their interviews. Below are the key activities of our process since last year:

  • Search Committee charged to bring three finalists to the Vestry by Pentecost. Fifteen town hall meetings were held to discern our parish priorities. The Search Committee met regularly with the Vestry to report progress, used an online parish survey and social media to gather input from our youth
  • On May 13, 2017, the Search Committee recommended three finalists for Vestry consideration. The discernment included praying for all the candidates and listening to the Holy Spirit in reviewing results of field visits with six semi-finalists.
  • During June 2017, the Vestry will interview each of the finalists and listen for God’s call of the shepherd best suited to lead the congregation forward.
  • Thank you Denise Obando! Throughout the process, we collaborated and received very useful guidance and help from the Diocesan Office of Transition Ministry.

For more information, please read the Executive Summary of our Parish Profile. It contains Quick Links to detailed information about our parish.

The Vestry will make a final decision that keeps faith with parish expectations and the long term best interests of the parish to find a new shepherd who knows our name and we want to follow for the journey ahead.  The Search process helped Vestry prepare to interview the three finalists summarizing our search results and materials for each.

  1. The Search Committee gave the Vestry three equally well qualified choices in a new rector.  The three finalists keep faith with parish priorities and values.
  2. The Search Committee sent teams of two or three to visit the six semi-finalists. Reporting back the teams avoided being advocates for candidate visited and instead helped the Search Committee find the ‘best three finalists’ by consensus and prayer.
  3. Our Search used a simple but powerful YES, NO, MAYBE process to assess each applicant’s strengths and fit to build a consensus.  This helped us put aside personal biases, talk about differences and discern how the best interest of the parish was served by each candidate.
  4. Our final three were a clear consensus informed by the Holy Spirit assuring the Vestry that we lived into the parish profile priorities and charge to bring them the three best finalists after praying over twenty three candidates over nine months.


PARISH VALUES @ WORK. Our rector search reminded us what the congregation said about parish values in our 15 town meetings as a way to ground our assessment of each finalist.  How do we see each finalist living into these parish values?

  1. We want St. Timothy’s to feel like home—the first time and every time.  We value our strong, inclusive sense of community and we want a Rector who embraces those values and loves us for who we are.
  2. We value joyful worship and music experiences. Variety is the spice of life and it separates St. Timothy’s from other parishes with a one size fits all approach to worship and liturgy.  We value diverse inter generational worship experiences and want a rector who respects and celebrates our vibrant, progressive experiences and traditional ones.
  3. St. Timothy’s is passionate about outreach and service to others in need.  With Fruits of the Harvest outreach celebrations and active parish involvement in the causes we support we are living into our baptismal covenant to be the Body of Christ in our community.  We want a rector who empowers this passion of ours.
  4. ST. Cares!  As our parish demographics change we recognize the need to expand lay participation in addressing the pastoral care needs of our families and friends in their times of need.  We value a caring community that looks out for each other and we want every person to feel embraced and held up.
  5. We celebrate the blessings in our lives with inter generational fellowship.  It binds the community together as the Body of Christ, makes everyone feel welcome and at home, and it keeps us connected so we know when others need to be held up in their times of need.


RECTOR PRIORITIES. In reviewing applicant credentials, the parish told us to look for the following characteristics:

  1. A People Person.  Enthusiastic, progressive person to inspire our faith journey, celebrate our inclusive diversity, loves us for who we are, makes us feel like family and helps us live into our Episcopal faith traditions.
  2. Dynamic, collaborative leader, wise steward and manager with well-rounded experience.
  3. Confident shepherd who empowers our lay passions for pastoral care and outreach to serve others.
  4. Engaging worship and liturgy experiences to celebrate our faith in new and familiar ways and keep us engaged in the broader work of the church through the Diocese of California and the interfaith work of the parish.
  5. Be in Community with Us! Be one of us, be present among us, have compassion for us, look us in the eye, know our names, accept us for who we are and help us live into our faith journey.
  6. Give our Kids a faith foundation to guide their lives.  We want a rector who help us grow ourselves and impart a faith foundation to guide our kids future.  Make this a place we want to hangout!  Where we feel we belong.

I feel the Holy Spirit at work among us!  It’s Glorious!



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