What We Seek in a New Rector

Bishop Marc Andrus and the St. Timothy’s Vestry has approved the updated parish Executive Summary and our parish OTM (Office of Transition Ministry) profile formally launching the application period for new Rector candidates.   The rector search committee prepared an executive summary profile to provide potential candidates a clear understanding of our values and the St. Timothy’s congregation’s sense of what God is calling us to be in His service.

The profile material summarizes the results of the 15 parish engagement meetings. The search committee met regularly with the vestry to report progress, conducted an online parish survey, and used social media to gather youth input.

St. Timothy’s seeks a rector to help us live into spiritual values enunciated through this parish engagement using an appreciative inquiry process. Our selection process seeks to enable the vestry to call a new rector by Pentecost.

St. Timothy’s Parish Values

During the parish engagement process the search committee asked the parish what they value most about our community.

Community: To us St. Timothy’s feels like home. We value our strong, inclusive sense of community where everyone is welcomed and made to feel like family.  We want everyone crossing our doorstep to feel they are welcome and at home in God’s house.

Worship: Our parish values joyful worship and music experiences.  St. Timothy’s currently provides a variety of worship styles. These include intergenerational spiritual experiences to help everyone live into their faith journey.  These worship styles range from the traditional with organ, contemplative with no music, to Taizé with chants and meditation, and family-oriented with lively music and children’s liturgy to provide our children an embracing experience to build an enduring faith foundation.

Outreach:St. Timothy’s has a high level of commitment to outreach and service to those who are in need. The parish encourages active participation in service ministries and outreach to bring us together, help us live into our baptismal covenant and discern what God is calling us to be as the Body of Christ in our wider community.

Pastoral Care: St. Timothy’s cares.  As our parish demographics change we seek to adapt by expanding our lay participation in pastoral care ministries and service to respond to those needs.  We value having a caring community that helps each other and where every member feels embraced and held up in their times of need.

Fellowship: Our parish values intergenerational fellowship.  Just as we celebrate together and serve others in need we want to be a beloved community of faith among our parish family members and the wider church.

Rector Priorities

 In response to what the parish values most about the church, the search committee asked the parish about their top qualities for a new rector.

What We Seek in a New Rector: The parish seeks an enthusiastic, progressive person to inspire our faith journey, celebrate our inclusive diversity, and help us live into our Episcopal faith traditions.  We know from experience that the parish responds most to someone with strong inter-personal skills, i.e. a “people person”.

Leader: St. Timothy’s seeks a dynamic, collaborative leader, a wise steward and manager with a well-rounded and evident experience.

Pastoral: The parish seeks a rector who enjoys pastoral care, and can empower lay passions for pastoral care and outreach to serve others in times of need.

Worship: St. Timothy’s seeks someone who will provide us with engaging sermons and liturgy to celebrate our faith in both new and familiar ways, while keeping us engaged in DioCal and the interfaith work of the church.

Community: St. Timothy’s is seeking a partner to join us in our growth as a welcoming, inclusive and joyful community. The parish needs its rector to have compassion for us, be one of us, know our names, look us in the eye, and accept us as we are, while helping us achieve our collective vision.

Children, Youth and Families:  St. Timothy’s is seeking a partner to assist in creating an environment where our children develop a faith foundation to guide their lives through children, youth and family ministries, Noah’s Ark Preschool, great music and intergenerational fellowship.


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