Yes We Can! Again!!


“Healing happens when the conversation changes from a focus on the past to a focus on the future. That’s where we are with God’s help—and that is a good place to be.”

I wrote that closing line in my last blog post here in December 2015—8 months ago.  This week the Vestry names a new search committee to re-launch the process of calling a new Rector for St. Timothy’s.  It has been a long journey through a time of healing, false starts and self-reflection to arrive at this point in time.

We got through the stages of grieving the retirement of our rector, then we survived the failure of our first search process and then saw our hopes soar with the completion of the second process and the call of a new rector.  But two years into that new ministry it was obvious to both the rector and the parish that this was not a match made in heaven.  So we entered a new stage, one we never expected to find ourselves—a discernment process on whether to end our relationship and move on.

We grieved the mutual loss of affection and found a sense of reconciliation even in the process of divorce.  Difficult as it was for all, it felt like the right decision to both the rector and the parish.  There was sadness and grace in our parting.  But it was done lovingly, fairly, candidly and left a holy taste in our mouths that helped heal our broken hearts.

A funny thing happened on the way to healing and preparing for another search process.  We discovered new courage to risk rejection again in order to find love again.

So here we are in mid-August 2016 polishing up our profile and getting ready to start ‘dating’ again.  We wish there was something like “Episcopal” that would offer a proven method to find compatibility.  But alas we must do it the old fashioned way.

So this post is fair warning that I am dusting off this blog and will be posting more frequently to document St. Timothy’s Danville, CA search to call a new rector.

Pray for us!

We have already kissed a lot of frogs on our discernment journey to find wedded bliss.  We need a Prince or a Princess to come along the next stage of our journey.

We have a secret weapon in our search—true faith that God loves us unconditionally.  And the sure knowledge that God does not give us burdens we cannot bear—-He has held us up so far as we’ve wandered in the wilderness in our search for the promised land.


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