Our Search Process Starts Over But It did Not Fail Us!

The wardens at St. Timothy’s appeared at each of the three services today to announce that a call had been made to a candidate to be Rector but that the candidate had chosen to purse an alternative opportunity.

They also told us that having reconsidered the other two finalists in the year and one-half long search process, the Vestry concluded that a better course of action was to begin the search process anew.


Few who began this journey what seems now like years ago could image this outcome, but there it was.  Jilted at the altar!

The buzz at coffee hour was a combination of reactions:

  • How could this happen after such a long tortured process?
  • We should have expected this after the candidate said when the call was offered that there were other options.
  • What was wrong with the search process that we ended up with this outcome?

I remembered in one conversation a few weeks ago with a person visiting us for the first time that the visitor was surprised that we were in the search process.  ” The place does not feel like it—it’s so . . . normal.”

There was also quiet rejoicing that Kathy Trapani, our Interim Rector, and rock during this transition process would be with us for a while longer.  Better to have a long inter-regnum than a tearful goodbye was the common view.

So what should we make of this?

  • God was not happy with the choice the Vestry made so He said no—and so it was.
  • God was not happy with candidate’s indecision so he said no because He was protecting us from a false start
  • God knows what is ahead for St. Timothy’s and thinks we need more time working in the vineyard to discern it.

Sill absorbing this news I do not know the answer to why this happened, but I know this:

  • God loves us unconditionally and has sent us Kathy Trapani to be our interim Rector until He decides who the new Rector will be—and He leaves us in her caring, capable hands for a while longer.  This is a place we are happy to be!
  • God loves us unconditionally and He has something bigger, better and more consequential in store for us and we must be patient until He decides the time is right to reveal it.
  • God loves us unconditionally and the person called was not a good fit for us and so we keep looking until we find the one who will be a caring pastor for our flock as we have prayed for each Sunday.

We give thanks that our Vestry had the courage to do what they think is best for us.

We give thanks to Kathy for sticking with us— and for this we love her all the more!

We give thanks to God for protecting us from harm and holding our hand on this journey of faith!

Be at Peace about this—and get back to work!


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