Vestry Retreat Season: Lessons about Church Vitality

It is the season for vestry retreats across the Diocese and I hope the issue of church vitality will be on every Vestry‘s agenda.  Part of my wrap-up work in phase one of our Diocesan Church Growth Program has been to prepare some slides for use in these Vestry Retreats to guide the discussion.

Thanks to Kathy Wills for the great ‘forward together’ stewardship graphic being used at St. Timothy’s this year.

Before your vestry retreat go to the national church website and download the Diocesan and congregation charts about your own membership, average Sunday attendance and pledge unit statistics and take them to your retreat.

If your congregation wants help from the Executive Council of the Diocese of California in planning your own course of action to address the church vitality and growth potential in your congregation please call ANY member of the Executive Council.  We have church growth and revenue growth team members ready and willing to work with any congregation that seeks our help.

So far 30 congregations across the Diocese of California have responded to Bishop Marc’s call to action to develop a church vitality action plan, participate in the Diocesan webinars and programs and get every member of your congregation involved in something that calls them to be the Body of Christ.

Peace be with you!


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