Let Me In!

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Help me discover Jesus in my life and support me on my personal faith journey.

Help me give my kids a good faith foundation that will guide their lives.

Give me options to pray, worship and serve others on my terms, in my time available.

Help me be in community with others who share my faith and welcome me as I am.

Spare me from church politics and the hassles that get in the way of my faith journey.

These simple yet powerful messages are the hope of the church. They symbolize the deep spiritual faith of people who love God and seek Christ but often see church practices as out of touch and in the way of true community.

We did not just dream this stuff up in the Church Growth Program.  There are many surveys and studies on why the church is in decline.  The words are often evasive or designed not to offend but the messages are clear.

The younger we are the more turned off we have become by the old ways of doing church.  The people of the church are ‘not like me’ you often hear it said.  The people in church are judgmental and don’t want to hear anything different.  I don’t feel welcome there.

Instead of becoming the Body of Christ are we turning into the Pharisees instead?

Think about the plaintive yearning of the messages above—think about what the people are telling us.

“Let me in!”


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