Introducing our new Church Growth Program

To: Esteemed Clergy and Lay Leaders

From: Roulhac Austin, Chair, Executive Council, Diocese of California

Greetings from Executive Council of the Diocese of California 

Today, we are introducing a new Church Growth Program where we, in the pews and pulpits, are empowered by working together, sharing and experimenting to revitalize ourselves. Our program is designed to be powered by the time and energies of our lay people in order to develop the next generation of lay leadership for this on-going enterprise.

Starting right now, we want our lay leaders to document programs and projects from our congregations that they are passionate about and that they, the laity, could help an interested congregation pursue.  The same is being asked of each congregation so that we can offer each other a variety of already tested programs that have worked.

We ask our lay leaders to share the best they’ve learned from our clergy and we encourage our clergy to be free to imagine more for their congregations, challenging them to share their expertise to help us grow as we move on down the Christian road of service and love in community. A slide presentation is provided with the details so far.


  • Setting times for a series of town-hall style meetings in and around the deaneries;
  • Identifying lay leadership who should be there;
  • Identifying what your Church has to offer as successful programs that can be exported for use by other Churches.

Please contact the conveners as follows:

Church Attendance & Membership Growth

Convener: Gary Hunt,  925.552.6602, (St. Timothy’s, Danville)

Church Revenue Growth

Convener: The Rev. Dana Corsello,, 415.673.7399 (St. Luke’s, San Francisco)

DioHouse/IT/Communications Reorganization

Convener – Peter Jensen,, 650.576.3271, (Transfiguration, San Mateo)


Convener: Joe Jennings,, 415.279.3637 (St. Mary the Virgin, SF)

This effort is organized by the Executive Council, with Bishop Marc’s blessing and support.  The effort’s success is guided by the needs of our congregations. We’ll rely on sharing existing programs that work and DioHouse staff will be there to support us as we test, explore, imagine ways to share our Christian commitment to community with our spiritually hungry neighbors and friends.


4 thoughts on “Introducing our new Church Growth Program

  1. Dear Gary and Team,

    Thanks for your interest in moving the conversation forward. Being an effective congregation in current times, when the general culture(s) are becoming less likely to affiliate with organized faith communities is important. I would suggest that we go slow to go fast in this case. More listening at the beginning, before a plan is presented from on high, will result in greater “buy in”. Looking forward to the webinar and gatherings.


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