Research About Church Growth & Decline

This is a list of useful resources and views about church growth and decline.  It is by no means an exhaustive list.  if you know of other resources please ADD A COMMENT with the link and a brief description.

Views of Decline and Growth in the Episcopal Church
20/20 Vision: Facing 40 years of Mainline churchDecline
American Anglican Council, Episcopal Church in Decline:
Americans Losing Faith in church:
Baby Blue Online:  The church in Conflict
Census 2010Clues for Growing the church
Christian Apologetics Society Church in Decline Continues
Church2Go: Connecting the body of Christ in an Episcopal Social Network
Church AttendanceFalling:
Church Members Continues to Fall in Mainline Denominations
Church PlantingCentral
Church Shopping time:
Conger: Episcopal Church Numbers in Decline
Daily Bible Plan
Discernable Futures: Gary Hunt’s Church Blog
Discernable Futures: My duty of Care
Episcopal church Loses an Entire Congregation:
Episcopal Realities: Getting back to Growth
FACTS on Episcopal Church Growth
Is the Episcopal Church Growing or in Decline?  C.Kirk Hadaway
Is Religion in America in Decline?
Imagining Stories of St. Timothy’s Future:
Leaving Church: Calling vocation and Choosing a Smaller Box
Lessons in Church Decline
The Living church: Reversing Church Decline
Religion Trends in America:
Vital Practices for Leading Congregations: Vestry Papers
Wikipedia Overview of Church Decline

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