In Iran, Yousef Nadarkhani became a Christian as a teenager.  Later he became a pastor of a Christian Church.

Wonderful, you say?  Not in Islamic Iran.

Yousef was arrested in 2009 and now is under a death sentence charged with apostasy unless he recants his faith.  So says the Supreme Court of Iran.

The story in Freedom’s Lighthouse says he is unlikely to do so.

Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran says, “Most churches in Iran operate with some degree of secrecy. They operate in homes. People take their batteries out of their cell phones and leave them at the door. They show up at random times so as to avoid the appearance of a crowd filing in. The current government sees them as a threat.”

At this writing we do not know the fate of this fellow Christian, but we do know this.  As one of the great monotheistic religions we share with Islam a belief in God whether he is called Allah or another name according to the faith tradition.  It seems unbelievable that this oneness with God could result in such an un-holy profession of faith.

It is this intolerance that sets Islam apart from the rest of the world’s believers, and it is right that such intolerance should be condemned for what it is.


One thought on “Intolerance

  1. If you want to help, kKeep up with your letters about him through Amnesty International. This has been going on for years with the Baha’is.

    It’s one thing to be a Christian, but to be born a Muslim in Iran and then convert….there lies the end of the road unless you get the public to know and DO SOMETHING about it. Amnesty is the best way I know of.

    It is a broad and incorrect statement at the end of this article that Islam is exclusive in its intolerance. Certainly some of the divisions and leaders of Islam are intolerant. That’s true of Jews and Christians, too. Intolerance should be condemned wherever you see it.

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