DioCal Nominations are Open

Seeking nominations for the 162nd Diocesan Convention

The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations of qualified, responsible people who desire to serve God and this diocese. We continue to look for new leadership and for broad geographical representation from all deaneries. Please review the duties and responsibilities of these positions and prayerfully consider who might best qualify. Self-nominations are gladly accepted.

Please be sure your nominee understands the commitments of time and resources expected, and has agreed to be considered for the position. The 162nd Convention on October 22, 2011 will elect the following:

  • Standing Committee (1 clergy, 1 lay) plus the remainder of 1 vacated lay position;
  • Executive Council (2 positions, at least 1 lay);
  • Secretary of Convention; and
  • Treasurer of Diocese.

The position descriptions are available for download here and can be read on the DioCal website

(2011 Diocesan Convention under Nominations). The nomination form is available online here.

The deadline for nominations is July 17.


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