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The guest preacher at St. Timothy’s was an old friend, The Rev. William W. Rankin, president and co-founder of the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA), a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering HIV prevention and care services to African villages mostly in Malawi.  This is a cause dear to us at St. Timothy’s and we have supported it financially as well as through the hands-on participation of parish members.

Bill Rankin’s homily was about God’s gift of the unconditional love of our mothers and the power of love in our lives.  It was poignant.  It was faith filled.   It was uplifting, his style is so calm and unassuming that the power of his words shines through like stars scattered across the sky.

The hard part of Rev Rankin’s message was about the plight of mothers in places like rural Africa where surviving even under the best of local conditions is challenging but with the scourges of AIDS, malaria and other diseases it is no wonder that the infant mortality and deaths of mothers in childbirth are among the highest in the world.

Help Mothers Save Lives

This day as you call your own mother to wish her Happy Mother’s Day tell her that you have made a donation to GAIA to support mothers in Africa.  You gift truly saves lives and more it gives hope to women.  It does not take a big gift to do big things:

  • $25  school supplies for orphaned girls including books, notebooks, pens, and paper helping to keep them in school;
  • $50  a monthly living stipend for a GAIA Community Caregiver who provides her village with HIV-prevention information and care;
  • $70  a loan for a rural woman to start her own business;
  • $120  12 anti-mosquito bed nets to protect vulnerable women and children from malaria.

Please join us in making a difference in the life of a Malawian woman. By giving to GAIA in honor of the mothers in your life you are not only helping a woman in need, but her family and community.

Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance

Happy Mother’s Day!


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