Looking for Edgy and ‘Cool’ Youth Ministry?

This collection of youth ministry links provides something a little more ‘edgy’ to be appealing to kids and still consistent with traditional faith values.

These are not your standard Episcopal Church resources but they do offer insight into what other denominations are doing to build churches and attract youth.

The Diocese of California is searching for a new Diocesan Youth Minister with conversations beginning this month.  If you care about youth ministry pick one to attend.

Meanwhile, many creative people in the Diocese and our Episcopal faith tradition have great ideas that worked for them and plenty that did not.  Our job is to get them to tell us what they learned from both their successes and failures.

Because as parents, teachers and friends of kids we are still trying to figure it out.



Brock Morgan’s YM Blog YM Trinity Church, Greenwich CT
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding Resources from nonprofit focused on kids and family relationships
Couch Radical Methodist YM search for new ideas
Dan Kimball’s Vintage Faith 


Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz Ideas for Youth Ministry
Dana Schmoyer’s Blog 

Life in Student Ministry

HERS:YM’s wife perspective. 

HIS: Youth minister in Minnesota

Emerging Youth Ministry Dan Haugh’s experience as a YM in New York


Mark Batterson, DC YM blog and services about new kind of church
Frontier Youth Trust UK program for youth at risk
http://www.anewkindofyouthministry.com/ Chris Folmsbee’s approach to YM in a nonprofit YM publishing company
http://www.reyouthpastor.com/ Running Experiments in techniques for youth ministry

This list just whets your appetite.  there are plenty more where these came from.


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