Praying for Dollars

The Journal News
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Did you see this story:


“HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — A U.S. church that gave away $1,000 to fill more pews last Easter Sunday says it will do it again this year.

Lindenwald Baptist Church in Hamilton draws names to award $500 each to a member of the congregation and a guest.

Pastor Randy Moore tells The Journal-News of Hamilton that the southwest Ohio church had hoped for 1,000 worshippers last year, when it made the offer for the first time. It packed in 1,140 — more than double the usual Sunday attendance of around 500. Moore says a crew had to direct traffic in the parking lot.

Easter falls on April 24 this year. The pastor says given the economy, the church will continue the cash giveaway to provide a financial as well as a spiritual blessing on the holiday.”

Let’s give the pastor credit.  He did double the average Sunday attendance, but then it was Easter after all and the twice a year crowd was more likely than not to show up anyway.

A better strategy might be to get parishioners to put their names in the plate on Sunday and then draw a name the following week—-MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!


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