Lessons in Life from In-n-Out Burger

The long lines of people queued up for In-n-out Burger fare is ample testimony to the popularity of the place.  And if you have ever been there it is a frenzy of activity, energy, laughter and the joy of life.

I know In-n-Out is just a burger joint so why am I turning this visit into some mystery of faith?

This visit, like so many others for my wife and I is more than lunch—it is a little date—a little time each weekend to be together without thinking about the week ahead—just being together.  I confess I hate to wait in lines and my wife has tolerated this grouchiness for 36 years, but at In-n-Out waiting in line is just part of the ritual.  We have out assigned roles for each visit.  I order and she scouts for a table and occupies the precious space while the burgers cook and I get the soda and ketchup and return to the table.

But this is not about lines or burgers it is about the precious few minutes between getting settled and waiting for your number to be called to talk and people watch.

This visit I found myself drawn to the two tables opposite us.  One occupied by a young couple with a small child the other table next to them occupied by an elderly couple by themselves.  There in the span of ten feet was the entire breadth of a lifetime from childhood to the aged all sharing a simple meal and time together.  It was grace in the midst of chaos.  It was laughter and love and hope.

I reached across the table to hold Carolyn’s hand because I had to feel her touch.  It was God’s way of reminding me how lucky I am and how much he loved me that he sent this woman I love to be my wife and partner in life.  So there in the midst of frenzy and chaos we are at peace holding hands and it was perfect.

Every day our lives are filled with frenzy just like In-n-out, but it was good to realize that even in the midst of such frenzy we can still take time to be together, to hold hands, to talk and to remember what is really important in our lives.

Take time to hold hands with someone you love.


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