Kent Hockabout’s Greatest Trek


As Angela commented below and as was reported in the Bay Area News Group, an urn containing the ashes of Kent Hockabout was placed on the grounds of the church from where they disappeared.  The police said the urn had been recently put there.  Perhaps, this was a guilty conscience finally catching up with the perp.  Perhaps, the person responsible has a ‘come to Jesus’ experience of his or her own.

“I am very, very happy, and very, very relieved,” said Eleonore Hockabout.  Now she can embark to finish her planned journey to scatter Kent’s ashes in the places they loved.

Peace be with her!

* * * *

Perhaps in the case studies used at seminary this will come to be known as the Christ Church Alameda Mystery of the Stolen Cremains.

I’m quite convinced this is not the way the Rev Kathy Crary thought her new ministry as Rector at Christ Church Alameda would begin.  When I heard this on the Ten O’clock news last night I was in disbelief.

Before the funeral service for 74 year old Kent Hockabout was to begin his cremains were put on a table near the altar in the backpack he used for his frequent treks around the world as a State Department courier.  The cremains had been divided into three parts and were, after the service, to be scattered at his favorite locations by his wife on a “pilgrimage” as she described the closure she planned for a life well spent.

But alas, the backpack was snatched from the church and Kent was off on another great adventure, perhaps one more intriguing than his “normal” lifetime career as that State Department courier carrying that same backpack.  The family is, of course, nonplussed over this, and asks the thief to return Kent to them “no questions asked”, but there are many questions to be asked.

What would possess someone to do this?

And from a church!

Before the funeral!

As people are gathering to say their goodbyes!!!

As the press reports tell it, Mrs. Hockabout was the most composed of all when the Kent’s kidnapping was discovered.  “We can’t do anything about it.” So the family went ahead with the memorial service as planned sans Kent. “Whether it’s the body or the ashes, it was not the person,” Mrs Hockabout told reporters, “It was a symbol.”  But she still wants Kent back so she can go on her planned “pilgrimage” to spread his ashes among his favorite places.

Keep Kent Houkabout and his family and Rev Kathy Crary in your prayers this week.

UPDATE:  March 9. 2011:  KRON 4 News

Man Says He Found Stolen Cremated Remains on Oakland Street

ALAMEDA (KRON) — Alameda police are arranging to return cremated remains to the family after the ashes were stolen from a church and later recovered.Authorities say someone stole a backpack containing two boxes of cremains from the Christ Episcopal Church on Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda last weekend.  The theft happened at the same time clergy members, church staffers, and the family of the deceased planned the funeral.

Wednesday morning a 35-year old Oakland man contacted the church to say he had found one of the boxes of remains on 29th Avenue in Oakland.  Alameda police officers confirmed the box is one of those reported missing and made arrangements to return it to the family of the dead person.   Police continue to look for the second box and for the person responsible for the theft.


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