Decamping from Camp Ackerman

This week the circle will be complete for Steven and Jane Strane as they move out of their home of many years here on Ackerman Drive and go back to San Diego from whence they came in 1988.  The shock and pain of this transition had dulled but we will still miss them.

This past week has seen a garage sale, the arrival of the Salvation Army truck to remove the remainders from the garage sale, the arrival of the dumpster for the remainder of the remainder not going to San Diego—all like a constant drip.

Steven looks blissfully retired as if all the burdens of the world are lifted from his shoulders.  Jane is still frantic over the moving details left to do but knows each task has memories not to be missed.  There will be time too soon to relax in a new home with another list of frantic details to keep hands and minds busy settling into a new routine.

Jane phoned asking if we “had room” for the swing from their backyard which would never fit in the van and likely not fit on the patio in the town house.  So Steven and I hauled it down the street and set it up on the back patio.   Many meetings of the Dead Warden Society took place in the backyard of camp Ackerman sitting on that swing, sipping wine, and debating the issues of the day.

The Dead Warden Society decamps along with Steven’s ministry as a new tradition and a new set of wardens, known but to God, are being formed to help the next rector of St. Timothy’s as a counsel of the generations over time.

As the last box is loaded on the truck, trash is emptied and the lights turned off we are left with our memories of happy times, fun parties and good friends at Camp Ackerman.

Goodbye dear friends—may the peace of the Lord be always with you.


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