Church Camp Sunday

This is Church Camp Sunday in the Diocese of California.  At St. Timothy‘s today our homily was given by Katie Evenbeck, Executive Director of St. Dorothy’s Rest, one of the oldest church camps in California. She reminded us what we already felt in our hearts that having a great church camp experience is one of the most important factors in a person’s faith foundation.

Going to summer camp is more than a rite of passage in our youth. It is the place we come to know God up close and personal in ways that just are not the same sitting in the pews each Sunday.  We learn that God is fun and that he loves us SO MUCH that he made this camp for us.  We learn to love each other and respect the differences that come together to make our community such an interesting place.  We learn to love ourselves and see ourselves as part of God’s larger family with brothers and sisters in Christ we never knew we had.

Today the church struggles to grow and more than 85% of the population does not have a “church home”.  That is the power of camp.  To give kids opportunities to try out the church in ways that are very “sticky” or very “cool”  that make a big impression—a lasting impression.

In the Diocese of California we are blessed with church camps and retreat over flowing with opportunities including:

Each summer the camps in our Diocese bring kids a little closer to God and each other.  And year-round St. Dorothy’s and The Bishop’s Ranch provide hospitality and retreat for clergy and lay leaders and groups of every type living into their spiritual lives in Christ’s unconditional love.

Thanks to Katie for helping all of us at St. Timothy’s today relive our favorite camp memory


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