The Rev. Canon Carl B Gracely 1909-2011

Some of us might live to be 101 like Father Carl Gracely, but few of us will have the profound impact on so many lives as he did through his tireless chaplaincy efforts.  God must have known what a saint on earth he had in Father Carl so he kept him at his task.

As the founder of pastoral care programs at John Muir and Mt Diablo Medical Centers he saw his congregants at their best of times and in their worst, in the joys of birth and grief of a lost loved one.   He plied those halls like a sailor with a trusty compass knowing just where to be and just when to be there.

We at St. Timothy‘s loved him as one of our own, but we always knew we shared him with a much larger community.


2 thoughts on “The Rev. Canon Carl B Gracely 1909-2011

  1. He was a window of heaven here on earth and I count myself so lucky to have known him. What a delightful and inspiring human being. His smile, his wit, his graciousness will always be remembered.

  2. I’ve known Father Carl since before he was Father Carl (hard to believe!). When I was 14 years old, he was ending his business career and heading off to become an Episcopal priest. He was my inspiration. I thought then I would do the same thing. As the years went by, he was there at every milestone in my family. He presided at my wedding, and he was the bishop’s chaplain at my own ordination. I cannot begin to tell you how much he means to me and my family. All of us are so richly blessed that he crossed our path.
    — The Rev. James Richardson

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