Our Unbroken Chain of Faith

“I want a mission congregation in the Danville area, Wilfred,” wrote The Rt. Rev Henry Shires, Suffragan Bishop of California to Rev. Wilfred Hodgkin, Rector of St. Paul’s Walnut Creek in 1953, “the Diocese has no money to help you, but make it happen.”

That is the beginning of the story of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Danville, California.

No environmental impact studies, no fanfare or fund raisers, just a determined Bishop telling one of his priests to get out there and ‘do God’s work down the road’.  So with help from seminary students, Rev Hodgkin began conducting worship services in the homes of residents welcoming all who loved God and sought Christ in their lives to respond to that call.  By September 1953 St. Timothy’s Mission had been organized and the Rev. William Goodall was appointed Vicar—one month after Bishop Shires’ letter to St. Paul’s.

The name of the new mission, St. Timothy’s, was a reminder that the New Testament ministry of St. Timothy of Ephesus sprang from a relationship with St. Paul the Apostle.

So from God’s call to the Bishop of California to the Rector of St. Paul’s Walnut Creek to spread the Good News “down the road” we believe that God has called us to be part of an unbroken chain of faith in this place we call St. Timothy’s.

Each day we strive to love and serve God in our lives and work.

Each Sunday we pray together as a spiritual family.

And on each festival day, we still celebrate the Eucharist outside on the patio around the stone altar given to St. Timothy’s by St. Paul’s Walnut Creek a pure and perfect symbol of our link in that unbroken chain of faith.

Bringing me to St. Timothy’s is one of the ways I know how much God loves me.


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