Our Parish DNA

“At St. Timothy’s, anyone and everyone seeking to experience God’s love, mercy and power to heal is welcome, and all who love God and seek Christ are invited to share at the Lord’s Table where we celebrate our unity and find sustenance, consolation, and hope.” —-Mission Statement of St. Timothy’s Danville

These simple words express the mission that is part of our parish DNA.  Don’t take my word for it—ask anyone “why did you become a member of St. Timothy’s?”

If you have been at St. Timothy’s for a while you know what I mean.  At every newcomers meeting this question gets asked of old and new alike.  More often than not the answer is a variation on the theme:

  • I felt comfortable here from my first day.
  • The priest remembered my name on my second visit!
  • People were friendly and made me feel at home.

We want everyone who crosses our door to feel God’s presence in their life.  We want them to feel at home—the first time and every time, to feel God’s love, to feel wanted —just where they belong.

I have called it the ‘Virginia Woy Effect” to honor the woman whose skill as a greeter is indelibly stamped in our parish DNA.  Almost everyone who read that post told me they knew exactly what I meant.  If we could bottle it we’d have a endowment full of riches.  But Jesus taught us to give it all away–and so we do.

And that has made all the difference!


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