Episcopal Church News & Information Resources

Stop laughing and check out some of these useful news and information resources to keep current on church news events, controversies and developments close to home and around the Communion:

Pacific Church News. The journal of the Episcopal Church in Northern California. Subscribe to the online version and get it by email each time. This is a useful way for the search committee members to keep up on church issues across Dioceses.

DioBytes is the DioCAL version of St. Timothy’s 411.  You can also subscribe to it by email.  It posts all the current DioCal rector and priest vacancies and the status of their search processes. Archives of previous DioBytes are available at http://community.icontact.com/p/diobytes

Anglicans Online. An independent and progressive website for Anglicans worldwide with the most comprehensive links to numerous key websites of interest to Anglicans.

Episcopal News Service. Top Stories, Daily News and Features. See www.Episcopalian.org for current Church news.

The Book of Common Prayer as compiled by Charles Wohlers, with links to various on-line versions.

Anglican Church Timeline, from AD 44 through to the present.


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