Report Card from the Wardens

After church on Sunday, the wardens at St. Timothy’s faced the masses in a Q&A session.  We don’t have these very often but in this time of in-between it seemed timely and was well received by the 100 or so who attended.

The wardens sweated like politicians at a press conference where they didn’t have answers to the tough questions, but we were easy on them—mostly—because they have done a terrific job and we trust them fully to look out for our interests.

“Will our dispute with the Diocese of California affect our search for a new rector by discouraging good candidates?”

“Where are you in the search for an interim associate priest to help Kathy Trapani?”

“Will we be able to close the budget deficit gap we have because pledges are down for 2011?”

“How long will this rector search process take?”

“Will Kathy Trapani REALLY have to leave St. Timothy’s after a new rector is called?”

“How will the 20/20 Vision process and the rector search process be coordinated?”

It was a healthy and honest dialogue and most left happy with the exchange asking to do this more frequently.  There are procedural and scheduling issues that need to be worked through.  Despite the desire to keep the Wardens team in place during this search process in-between period, Jacque Chiavini’s faces term limits on her Vestry term.  The Vestry has charged the new search committee but it is just getting ramped up and a Vestry imposed deadline of year end 2011 to present final candidates seems like a daunting task.

Everything is Going to be Alright!

For the wardens, vestry, search committee members and especially for Rev Kathy Trapani, our Interim Rector and the staff at St. Timothy’s we give thanks and praise for their dedication and hard work.

We know they will be rewarded in heaven for their service—-but here on earth we will surely work them hard and send them to bed dog-tired every night over this next year.  We hope they remember we are praying for them and we love them for caring so much about us to make these sacrifices.


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