Science Reminds Us of God’s Power and Love

I know there is a logical scientific explanation for the full lunar eclipse we saw the other night.  I am not a ‘doubting Thomas’ about such things.

But as I saw that event take place for the first time since the Pilgrim’s landed in America in search of religious liberty I could not help but think about the omnipotent power of God in everything we do and see including the alignment of the stars and planets.

I have often used that phrase ‘the stars and planets aligned’ to mean the coming together of divergent views on an issue.  But here it was in glorious display across the skies reminding me once again that God is the one who sets the course of our lives and we are like the stars strewn across the heavens watching and reflecting his radiant light.

It makes all our problems seem petty and insignificant.

It makes all our prayers ever more real and important.

There is an unbroken chain of faith that flows through each of us from God.  It is threaded together by his radiant light that shines on everything and twinkles in our hearts and minds like stars across the heavens reminding us of His unconditional love for us and to whom we belong from the beginning of time until the end of time.


One thought on “Science Reminds Us of God’s Power and Love

  1. Gary,
    Awesome eclipse…and awesome words of faith. Thank you from someone who saw it, but didn’t take the time to put God into the equation until I read your words.
    Thank you.

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