Contra Costa Deanery Presentation on Action Networks

If anyone reading this blog attended the Episcopal Charities workshop in Orinda on the new ACTION NETWORKS ministry strategy by Episcopal Charities will you please take a moment and write a comment to this post describing what happened at the meeting and what this means for St. Timothy‘s.

As a parish we must discern how best to participate in this new DioCal initiative and we need feedback from those who heard the presentation about:

  1. How can St. Timothy’s participate in the EC Action Networks?
  2. Can we use Action Networks to leverage our existing outreach efforts by working with others?
  3. Are our outreach priorities different than Episcopal Charities?
  4. Could we use Action Networks to expand youth ministry through shared programs among congregations?
  5. Will we lose too much control over our priorities and resources by participating in Action Networks?
  6. Can we use Action Networks to fill the missing gaps in our mission and ministry efforts through collaboration

Thanks for your feedback



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