Organic Farming for Members


Steve Mason asked me to substitute for him at the St. Timothy’s table at the Danville Farmers market and this morning was my maiden voyage at that ministry.  Steve has it organized so well that it was snap to set up.  The crowd was light given the threat of rain, the Danville arts fair going on downtown a block over and last week was the end of fresh peaches so the market was full of flowers and green stuff to eat which while healthy will never compete with the seduction of fresh peaches.

I talked to many St. Timothy’s people including one ‘wise guy’ who asked me if I was in training for my next career as a Walmart greeter!  He may not realize he is one step away from a cart with very squeaky wheels in his future—but I digress.

Steve’s coaching about what to expect was spot on.  I had many people pass my table who did not make eye contact fearful, no doubt, I would try to convert them or something.  By many did say good morning and a few thanked me for coming out on a rainy morning to be there—“it’s nice to see organic gardening of the faithful” one woman said smiling as she walked by.

I was asked by one woman what that metal tower was out front of the church?  She was referring to our new bell tower.  Oh nice, she replied ‘will you be doing bell concerts?  Alas, the single bell from the old Anglican priory hardly a bell choir makes.

So is this a ministry that matters?

I came away from my three plus hours of mostly people watching concluding that indeed it does matter because it makes St. Timothy’s more visible to the community and for every 100 people who avoid eye contact and pass you by there is one who feels called in some way to connect with us—and that makes it all worthwhile.

Just like the woman who came up and pulled out her check book and wrote St. Timothy’s a five dollar check for being so bike friendly.  She apparently uses our parking lot for her rides up and down Mt. Diablo. She said, she went to St Joan of Arc Catholic Church but if she were church shopping she would want a friendly place just like St. Timothy’s.

And little did she know that she had described our 20/20 Vision goal better than an army of marketers because it is who we are and how we feel called to welcome all who love God and seek Christ in their lives.  Call it the Virginia Woy Effect, but it was gratifying to know that by living our core values and being true to what we believe God is calling us to be for the people of the San Ramon Valley that the message is being heard.

So thank you Steve for a Saturday morning well spent planting seeds of faith and harvesting Good News.


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