Episcopal Charities rolls out expanded Action Networks

Episcopal Charities (EC) has created Action Networks in each of six different regions including Alameda, S. Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo and San Francisco. These Networks address the root causes of poverty through a focus on healthcare, education, and environment.  Closely tied to the Millennium Development Goals, EC rolled out this new approach at the Diocesan convention.

  • What is an Action Network? An Action Network is a group of volunteers in a given region who come together to address the root causes of poverty through EC’s focus areas. Each Action Network will focus on the most critical issues in their region. Each Action Network gives hands-on support to projects that it identifies, and EC awards grants to the qualified agencies and initiatives that run those projects.
  • Will EC provide more than just volunteers? EC awards grants to help agencies create successful programs that are self-sustaining.
  • Who can participate in the new vision? We encourage EVERYONE – individuals from faith congregations, social service agencies, local and national government, and local communities – to become a part of this effort, by joining our Action Networks and by identifying projects where EC’s support can make a critical difference.

To find out more about Episcopal Charities check out their website.


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