Bishop Marc’s Pastoral Letter Follow-up Response to Steven Strane

This is Bishop Marc’s response to Steven Strane’s message about the Bishop’s pastoral letteer concerning the assessment issue:






September 21, 2010


Dear Steven+,

Thank you for your letter. I’m sorry you drew the conclusions you reached concerning my Pastoral Letter. I urge you to read the letter again, and note that I carefully did not refer to any particular person involved in the various conversations around the diocese mentioned. Nor did I say that everyone shared the same perceptions. I was careful in both those regards because it was and is important to me not to single out any person or congregation, nor to imply that the feelings referred to are universal. I believe you can see from Richard Helmer’s and Sylvia Vasquez’s responses that there are some at least who strongly agree with my perceptions.

Steven, I encourage you to share this letter with your Vestry. I value your views and your ministry greatly, and send you the assurance of my prayers,





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