Your Faith has Set You Free


After 69 days trapped in a copper mine one-half mile underground in Chile, rescue workers began extracting them one by one yesterday to the relief of families and an anxious nation.  Chile taught us all how a combination of new technology, experienced hands, determination and prayer can come together to turn a disaster into a miracle.

One miner pulled out of that small rescue capsule on the surface hugged his wife and then dropped to his knees grasping the Chilean flag to thank God for his rescue.  These men deserve enormous credit for their determination and faith under frightening conditions and 90 degree temperatures.

It reminded me of the reading recently where one leper cleansed of his disease by Jesus prostrated himself before Jesus and thanked God.  Jesus’ reply to the man was equally applicable to the miner on his knees in Chile:  ‘Your faith has set you free.’

And so it did as the whole world watched in wonder and thanksgiving.

The President of Chile sat in a lawn chair in the cold night air near the rescue hole representing the determination of the entire nation to bring this tragedy to a successful conclusion.  He prayed with the rescue workers.  He hugged the rescued and their families.  No press conferences or teleprompters just one man helpless like the rest waiting for a miracle and praying for the best.

It was THE BEST DAY and THE BEST OUTCOME for Chile and its sturdy miners—and everywhere there were prayers of thanks and praise for everyone knew this was pure and perfect grace from God.


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