Clergy Hiring & Comp Resources

Clergy Call HR Resources

Resource Link
Constitution of the Diocese (see Articles X and X1 on parishes)
Canons of the Diocese of California (See Canon 11; 11.26 on Election of a Rector)
2010 DioCal Clergy Compensation Tables
2010 DioCal Clergy Cost Budget Planning Package
Excerpts from Applicable Canons of the Diocese
Sample Employment Agreement for Rector
Housing St. Timothy’s owns a residence formerly occupied by the Rector or Associate.  That property is currently leased to a third party.

The parish also has an investment in and an equity sharing agreement with the Rector for a personal residence he owns.  It is presumed that a similar equity sharing agreement will be entered into with a new Rector. The details of any such agreement would be worked out as part of the hiring process.

Auto Allowance:

Accountable Plan Resolution
DioCal Clergy Vacancies
Licenses and Approvals Required by DioCal

Safe Church Policy: DioCal

Standards of Conduct

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