You are Guilty Janie, but We Still Love You

That is what a regional disciplinary commission of the Presbyterian Church of the USA told The Reverend Jane Spahr, a retired Presbyterian minister in convicting her of a “persistent pattern or practice of disobedience” on a 4 to 2 vote.

Her crime was that she officiated at the wedding of 16 gay or lesbian couples in California during the time when such marriages were legal under California law prior to the adoption of Proposition 8.

Her punishment was a public rebuke since her actions were still a violation of the teaching and practice of the Presbyterian Church.  She was far from contrite by the decision:

“If you agree with me, then say yes.  It’s like, ‘Janie, we want this to happen and we affirm your ministry and we sustain the charges. The mixed message of that is the thing that people hear. We want the message of the Gospel, which is God‘s love is for all,” according to an Associated press report on the trial.

This is the second time the regional Presbytery of the Redwoods had taken her to court for marrying couples in same-sex relationships. In 2006, a similar disciplinary panel but of different members ruled that she had acted within her rights as an ordained minister when she married two lesbian couples in 2004 and 2005.

So what?

So thank you, Janie!  You were so bad—just when we needed it most!


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