Do Unto Others. . .!

Did you see this story?

Fox News covered it too reporting that a group of bikini-clad strippers from a Warsaw, Ohio club picketed the New Beginnings Ministry, a fundamentalist Christian Church one recent Sunday morning as the church was holding its regular worship for its 121 members.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

They held up signs that read “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”  The church members were aghast at the outrage.

Pastor Bill Dunfee said that “As a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil.  Light and darkness cannot exist together, so The Fox Hole has got to go.”

You see what’s coming don’t you?

The protesters are dancers from a nearby club called The Fox Hole.  And yes, it seems that Pastor Dunfee believes that God is calling him to lead the effort to shut down the strip club, so he has been organizing protest picketing in front of the Fox Hole for the past four months discouraging patrons from visiting the watering hole with benefits.

It seems like payback was not the sweet spiritual victory the pastor had in mind.

When informed that the strippers protest was just as legal as the ones the pastor has been doing, the pastor offered to help the ladies find other jobs if they would quit The Fox Hole.  They responded by reminding the pastor that Warsaw, a town of 900 is 60 miles from Columbus, Ohio the state capital and has one gas station, one sit down restaurant and four churches.  No Sale!

The ladies did offer the pastor a deal—they’d stop their protests if he would stop the new Beginning Ministry protests.  The pastor’s response was he could not do such a deal with the devil.  So the ladies wished the congregants well and said they see them next Sunday.

There is one more thing. . .

The New Beginnings Ministry is nine miles away from The Fox Hole but the other three churches in Warsaw are nearby the club.  One other pastor said he had no problem with the club and when he needed help with a project he’d ask the ladies.  One time the church was having a blood drive and the ladies marched over to give blood.

I know what you’re thinking—that must have been the Episcopal Church.  What a Saints & Sinners program they must have!


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