The City: Online Church Management Solutions

The City is a division of Zondervan and is located in Seattle.  They build web based software that helps churches lead people into deeper local community using online tools that help them build connections and encourage growth.

Zondervan is a world leader in Christian communications and the leading Christian publishing brand. Zondervan works to meet the needs of people with resources that glorify Jesus Christ and promote biblical principles. Zondervan is part of the News Corporation family of companies.

The City is a subscription service that is billed on a recurring basis, and also includes a one-time setup fee. Pricing is based on the average attendance at your church. Training is included for staff and lay leaders. No software downloads are required. Your church does not need to purchase any hardware, or manage any upgrades or technical issues. You can access The City from any web browser. Each member in your church can create their own account on The City to get connected to your church community.

The City is driven by a compelling vision emanating from Matthew 5:14.

Having recently left his job at to become a pastor in his church, Zack Hubert was wrestling with ways of harnessing technology to facilitate the growth of a rapidly self-organizing and expanding church. He was inspired to create the original concept for The City after this passage in the Bible that says, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Since inception, The City has been driven to make it easier for churches to connect newcomers, build deeper community, equip leaders and unleash people to serve and make a lasting impact on their world with the Gospel.

The City has grown and is now being used by churches and organizations all over the world. As The City continues to grow, so does the vision, and we feel blessed to be along for the ride.

The City Features


  • Email your target. Get word out to your whole church or to a specific group. Go public or private. Our revolutionary church software features help you target your message with specific filters for member demographics and participation in certain ministries.  And get data on how each email campaign performs, and use that for future targeting.
  • Social Networking, The City’s social networking features allow your church attendees to share ordinary life all throughout the week, which deepens community.  Also, personal profiles incentivize congregants to keep their profile updated. This constantly refreshes your church software database, ensuring more effective and accurate communication.
  • Email & Twitter friendly. Content created on The City goes to everyone’s email so people don’t have to log-in to see messages. Recipients can also reply to your post from their email.  Are you a Twitter fanatic? You can easily tweet from inside The City or update your City status from Twitter.
  • Privacy When Needed. True community requires trust. Content created in The City is always kept private and secure unless you choose to share it more broadly. It’s also easy to communicate without having to share your email address or other personal info.


  • Create your own profile. Church communication has never been easier.  Each person in your church can create his or her own personalized profile.  They can then start one-on-one conversations, provide status updates, create journal entries, and have their own page for sharing and ‘friending’.
  • Assimilate newcomers. The City has specially designed “Connect Groups” to help introduce newcomers to your church. Connect “agents” are given tools and processes to help newcomers find the small group or opportunity, then connect them with the right group leader.
  • Easily find people. Easily find and contact people you met at the Sunday service. Easily find groups you’re interested in like a small group, outdoor adventure group, or support group for new moms. Send ‘friend requests’ and build your own personal network.


  • Continuous Church. The City uses social networking to make church a continuous, ongoing experience, not just a Sunday thing. Keep members involved all week long.
  • Enable Outreach. The City is an online space where your church community can continually share life and organically rally around those in need.  Use The City Plaza and Facebook integration as a powerful outreach tool as you engage with the local communities and neighborhoods surrounding your church.
  • Grow your service ministries. The “Find Service Opportunities” feature within The City lets anyone easily browse opportunities for getting involved.  Use ‘opportunity matching’ to match volunteers with those in need.
  • Tools for Leaders. All of the features that help grow the church, including insightful reporting and targeted on-going communication options. Plus, improved training modules, whitepapers, videos, and author interviews from The City are always available.


  • Reporting. The City reporting offers fresh insight into your church community, and can help you understand participation in small groups, attendance, member activities, and much more.
  • Complete Donor Management. Easily receive online donations from your church members via The City. Track all giving statements and pledges for your church’s donors.  View clear reporting, find inactive donors, and enjoy end-of-year summaries.
  • Painless Database Management. The City takes the pain out of capturing and maintaining member data. Member-created profiles mean your database is always up-to-date. Also, create offline accounts for your members who are not yet on The City, so you can have a centralized place for all of your member information. Plus, we host your database, so you won’t need to worry about hardware, upgrade, and technology costs.
  • Build processes and best practices. Establishing and maintaining repeatable processes for church programs can be challenging, especially when depending on lay leadership and an ever-changing volunteer workforce. With The City’s Group Structure and Process Manager tool, you can build on best practices, manage knowledge transfer and develop repeatable processes.
  • Online training and support. The City provides training modules for almost every aspect of the product. Plus, get 24/7 online support for any issue or question you have. On top of that, our knowledgeable staff is here to help, and we want to support you as you enable the mission of your church and strengthen church management.


  • Comprehensive Children’s Check-in & Event Set-up. Fast and easy barcode scanning for childcare check-in; uses a touch-screen kiosk, and takes less than twenty seconds.  Effectively communicate and collaborate with everyone engaged in your children’s ministry, from staff, to volunteers, to parents.  Promptly set-up your check-in kiosks for a children’s event.
  • Administrative Dashboard. Administrative tools for managing childcare, including dashboard reports, info on where volunteers are placed, and kids in each class. It’s also easy to look up parent contact info in case of emergency. The Children’s Ministry Module requires purchase and installation of a supported barcode scanner, label printer and printer labels. Please see for supported items.
  • Targeted parent communication. Engage parents beyond Sunday, and provide them with a place to interact with the church and each other as part of a community of parents.
  • Simple registration. Simple, short, and self-directed registration process for parents, with a highly secure barcode identification system.
  • Customize the design. Easily change the design tools and logos to customize your children’s check-in experience.  Let parents add their own notes about their children.

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