Worship Resources

The Alban Institute was founded in 1974 as a resource for congregations facing the challenges of a changing society. www.alban.org
Why Worship the Way We Have Always Worshiped When People Keep Changing? http://www.alban.org/conversation.aspx?id=9140
10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Anxiety in Your Congregation http://www.alban.org/consulting.aspx?id=8376
Alban Congregational Resource Guide http://www.congregationalresources.org/
St. Barnabas Portland, OR  Strategic Plan for Worship Experiences http://www.saintbarnabaspdx.org/StB%20Docs/Strategic%20Plan%20final%20PDF.pdf
St. James Richmond VA Strategic Plan http://www.doers.org/pages/pdf/STJ%20strategicplan2010.pdf
Episcopal Foundation Resources Page http://www.episcopalfoundation.org/resource-library
Episcopal Foundation “Living into Our Ministries” http://www.episcopalfoundation.org/resource/Resource%20Library/Living%20Into%20Our%20Ministries/Living%20into%20Our%20Ministries.pdf
Vestry Papers 2008  Youth ministry http://www.episcopalfoundation.org/resource/Resource%20Library/Vestry%20Papers/September%202008%20Youth.pdf
Liturgical Resources-Anglicans Online http://anglicansonline.org/resources/liturgical.html
Restless Worship Youth Ministry Experience http://www.trinityescondido.org/restlessworship.html
Alternative Youth Ministry Worship Experiments http://www.nctimes.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/article_dfa9e7e7-ac17-571b-9dfb-7e4faa6787d5.html
New Zealand Contemporary Liturgy Resources http://www.liturgy.co.nz/

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