Now What Do We Do?

Now What Do We Do?  That’s the question that keeps popping into my head.

A few days have passed since Steven told us he planned to retire.  The shock of that news is turning from sharp pain to dull ache as I contemplate both what his ministry has meant to St. Timothy’s and what the possibilities are for the future.

I tell myself that it is not disloyal to contemplate the future so soon after the Rector says ‘I’m outtahere’.  As part of the Vision 2020 team I feel our task has also been turned on its head. What was designed as a ‘what do we do next at St. Timothy’s’ exercise now becomes the first installment of the new call process and part of our parish profile building task to woo candidates.

I have been surfing the web looking for ideas and examples and have had no trouble finding them.  In the “RESOURCES” category here on my blog I am posting a regularly updated document with links to interesting resources I stumble upon.  Feel free to go there often.


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