A Funny Thing Happens on the Way to a Schism

God works in strange and wonderful ways!

According to the UK newspaper The Telegraph, The Very Rev. Jeffrey Johns is a serious contender to become Bishop of Southwark.  Johns is apparently on a list being considered by the Crown Nominations Commission which will recommend two names to the Prime Minister David Cameron.  Cameron is said to support the appointment of a gay bishop.[1]

Yes, you guess it right, The Very Rev Johns is gay.  Isn’t this delicious irony?

The Primates must be fit to be tied.  As we experienced here in the US Church a group of Anglicans opposed to this ordination have threatened to leave the Church.  But the problem for them is the Prime Minister is apparently going to make the decision not the Archbishop of Canterbury and, well, politics is apparently going to trump their schism chants.  And since the Church of England is, well, THE Church of England threats of schism ring rather treasonous even to Tories now in charge.

If this was not so funny I might even feel sorry for the Archbishop of Canterbury for his checkmate position in the matter.  Now, for the African Bishops given to butting into everyone else’s business while ignoring the sins committed at home against their own people while they sit silently—this must also be a come to Jesus experience.  Or it should be!

Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors, but if they confess their sins against God and their neighbors even the Primates will be welcome at God’s table.  And to celebrate the return of these prodigal sons to the loving embrace of God, the future Rt. Rev, Jeffrey Johns will celebrate communion in their honor!

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/religion/7873464/Traditionalist-Church-of-England-groups-warn-of-defections-if-gay-bishop-is-ordained.html


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