Hitting the Marc

If you have not read Bishop Marc Andrus’ blog post on the Pentecost Letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury I encourage you to do so.  Bishop Marc hit the right tone and made the case for continuing dialogue and conversation between provinces that have so much to gain by honest association through the Anglican Communion.

He also hit the mark on another point.  This is all about politics—I know you are shocked to hear that there is politics in the Episcopal Church!

Yes politics!

There are honest differences of philosophy on the issues of same sex blessings and marriage and the role of gay and lesbian members in the work of the church.  We should be glad those issues are on the table, but that does not mean that the American church should abandon its position or views just because others disagree with them.  Nor does it give the African Bishops or the Archbishop of Canterbury the authority to discipline the American Church.

Bluntly, the action of the Archbishop of Canterbury is unfair, unwise, and un-Anglican.

The Archbishop is not Pope Rowan and we should not accept his claim of authority to act like Rome. The independence of the national churches is settled law.


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