Transformation Mission Scenario at a Glance

  • The mission of the church in the Diocese of California is weakened by financial problems and half the parishes of the Diocese are no longer self-sustaining. Average Sunday attendance has been flat for years with growth unevenly concentrated in a few larger parishes.
  • Actions to raise the Diocesan assessment are met with resistance by parishes facing their own financial problems. Parish focus shifts to dialog with other parishes in search for solutions.
  • Financial pressures on the Diocese of California worsen creating a pressing need for the clergy and lay leadership across the parishes to take action in the face of lack of consensus on a way forward.
  • To avoid conflicts and restore Diocesan finance a transformation mission strategy emerges from dialogue of clergy and lay leaders.  The bold plan consolidates 79 parishes to 35 in five years.
  • Using an area ministry strategy, larger parishes absorb small ones, manage transitions, serve multi-site congregation needs and end Diocesan subsidies and cutting costs to balance budgets. Executive Council uses surplus property sales to create a Diocesan Mission Growth fund for endowment income for shared program ministry costs by parishes.
  • The transformation mission strategy restores a sustainable Diocesan finance base, builds its endowment and focuses its mission to double average attendance in five years with stronger programs, shared staff and collaboration.

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