Listening to the Holy Spirit about St. Timothy’s 2020 Future

St. Timothy’s is involved in a process of listening to the Holy Spirit hoping to discern what God is calling us to be for the future.  We surveyed parish members and engaged in countless small group discussions to gather information and insight about where the parish is today, the challenges we face, and what we should be doing for tomorrow.  It is obvious that there is no shortage of possibilities.

This Pentecost of many voices is leading us to write the story of St. Timothy’s future by imagining the possibilities. These stories enable us to rehearse alternative futures, debate our parish goals, and test drive parish ministry goals, corporate worship needs, outreach efforts and financial resources to live into the unbroken chain of faith God is calling us to pursue.

Our goal is to look ‘down the road’ to a Vision 2020 strategy and to ‘make it snappy’ so we can consider this Vision 2020 path at our annual meeting in January 2011.

Time is short, the needs are great and our resources are limited in an economy full of volatility.  This is the same circumstance that faced Rev. Hodgkin in 1953 and yet, in God’s economy, the Holy Spirit made God’s vision known and called St. Paul’s to make it happen. In 2010, we are also being called to be followers of Paul to live into our 2020 future, but what future?


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