Aging Gracefully Scenario at a Glance

  • Parish focus is serving the needs of current members.
  • While we welcome all newcomers there is no marketing for growth.
  • Membership size stays about the same but ages over time reflecting service area demographics.
  • Young families are attracted to Noah’s Ark preschool but often do not join the parish or pledge.
  • Youth programs remain but churn is high as kids out grow the limited programs or get involved in sports or other non church activities.
  • In 2020 St Timothy’s looks about the same but parish hall/education wing have been replaced with addition to Grace House catering mostly to adult programs.
  • Pledge levels remain relatively flat but the steady loss of major pledges as members age challenge the parish financially.
  • Turnover of members increases especially young families but the parish muddles through with flat budget and little growth.

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